Versatile Blogger Award

Thanks to Luminous Vegans for nominating us for the Versatile Blogger Award! We are most flattered to be recognised by our fellow blogging friends and, of course, want to continue to share the blogging love too.

Our nominations

  1. Seed to Salad
  2. The taste space
  3. Vegan Sparkles
  4. Fat Free Vegan Kitchen
  5. All of Bee
  6. Photobotos
  7. Cally Jackson Writes
  8. Bess Georgette
  9. Design Sponge
  10. Postcards from the Bay
  11. Ffffound
  12. Bespoke
  13. The Design Files
  14. 2 sporks 1 cup
  15. Everybody likes sandwiches

7 things about Alana

  1. I live in a cute little flat with Koren and our cat, her Royal Highness, Mimi.
  2. I’m a hippy hidden in a ‘normal’ person’s body.
  3. I love the Smurfs (the old cartoons not the new freaky-looking 3D smurfs), the Care Bears and secretly wish that Captain Planet was real.
  4. My Mum told me that “thoughts become things” and I believe it.
  5. I’m growing my own organic vegetables for the first time – successfully!
  6. One day I hope to write a book, I’m just not sure what about yet.
  7. I am vegan out of love and respect for our planet and all its inhabitants.

7 things about Koren

  1. The number seven is my favourite because I was born on the 7th.
  2. I have a small nose ring and equally small tragus piercing but am adverse to tattoos because they can’t easily be removed.
  3. Estoy aprendiendo español pero hablo solo un poco hasta el momento. (Translation: I am learning Spanish but I only speak a little so far.)
  4. I love horse riding and dream of having enough space to own a horse again.
  5. I, too, am a Care Bear fan. I think we have our parents to thank for this because they gave each of us girls a Care Bear when we were kids. Mine was Tenderheart Bear.
  6. I studied literature at university, which sparked a love for 19th century classics. But I couldn’t pinpoint a favourite.
  7. I love cats, especially Miss Mimi and Master Basil (my South Australian-based kitty).

If you wanna know more about the Versatile Blogger Awards head over to the site.

Love Alana and Koren xx


3 thoughts on “Versatile Blogger Award

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